Cesar A. Amoroso is dedicated to the manufacture of camshafts, auxiliary camshafts and oil pumps with the brand AA and EFFEMI, and is distributor of imported camshafts FIRT and DYNA, and cylinder heads with STROTCKO brands.

Its experience and background of over sixty years manufacturing engine parts, in both diesel and gasoline line, let it to maintain its excellence in the market.

Since its birth on 1953th and accompanying industrial and economic policies of our country, the company has been a supplier to I.B.M., FIAT, ROBERTS BOSH, DIFNIA, IME , BORGWARD, AUTOLATINA AND FORD MOTOR ARGENTINA S.A., having received from the latter The Certified Quality Diploma during ten years.

Notably, the company promotes professional qualification, in both machinery and human resources, positioning the highly qualified products, either in our country as abroad and its constant propose is to develop new products according to market requirements.